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      Every month, we’re giving away a year supply of free feeder insects. 

      And the rules are simple:

      1. Post a picture of your amazing pet, their kooky personalities, their adventurous habitats or anything else pet related (important: the month that your picture is posted, is the monthly contest that you are eligible to win).  But how do I do this?  Click the Start a Topic button in the upper right hand corner.  Upload your picture, and give it the title Cricket Contest.  
      2. Collect the most Critter Gold for the month (read below to find out more information on Critter Gold)
      3. And Boom!  You just won a year supply of FREE crickets

      What is Critter Gold and how do I collect it?

      Critter Gold is a reward system (see here).  Every community member has the opportunity to reward interesting posts with Critter Gold.  If you want to win a year supply of free crickets, post an interesting picture of your pet or habitat so that community members will reward your post with gold.

      And anytime you see amazing animals, interesting habitats, or anything else that strikes your fancy, be sure to reward that post with Critter Gold as well.

      Announcing the Winners!

      • The winner will be announced within 48 hours by the end of each month.
      • The winner will be awarded a coupon code for 500 free crickets.  This coupon code will be honored for 12 purchases.  Winners may also use these coupons to purchase other feeders like superworms, dubia roaches, and black soldier fly larva.
      • Winners may continue posting pictures, topics, and questions.  But they are not eligible to win until 12 months since they won.
      • And we will keep a running list of the winning posts listed here.

      Past Winners

      1. February 2019 – 20 Critter Gold
      2. March 2019 – 21 Critter Gold
      3. April 2019 – 12 Critter Gold
      4. May 2019 – 11 Critter Gold
      5. June 2019 –  9 Critter Gold
      6. July 2019 – 15 Critter Gold
      7. August 2019 – 23 Critter Gold
      8. September 2019 – 48 Critter Gold
      9. October 2019 – 33 Critter Gold
      10. November 2019 – 5 Critter Gold
      11. December 2019 – 36 Critter Gold
      12. January 2020 – 49 Critter Gold
      13. February 2020 – 23 Critter Gold
      14. March 2020 – 24 Critter Gold
      15. April 2020 – 61 Critter Gold
      16. May 2020 – 38 Critter Gold
      17. June 2020 – 93 Critter Gold
      18. July 2020 – 42 Critter Gold
      19. August 2020 – 36 Critter Gold
      20. Setpember 2020 – 8 Critter Gold
      21. October 2020 – 25 Critter Gold
      22. November 2020 – 15 Critter Gold
      23. January 2021 – 56 Critter Gold
      24. March 2021 – 17 Critter Gold
      25. May 2021 – 58 Critter Gold
      26. June 2021 – 6 Critter Gold
      27. July 2021 – 14 Critter Gold
      28. August 2021 – 13 Critter Gold
      29. September 2021 – 14 Critter Gold
      30. October 2021 – 11 Critter Gold
      31. November 2021 – 16 Critter Gold
      32. December 2021 – 26 Critter Gold

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      Please please please crickets are awesome I love crickets and my freinds gecko loves them I have them as pets and I give them to my neighbor

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        u crazy lol


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      Where do we post the picture? On this thread?

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        You’ll need to start a new topic in order to collect the Critter Gold.

        1. click “Start Topic” in the upper right

        2. Upload a sweet pic of your pet, habitat, or anything else pet related

        3. Choose which category your post belongs (bearded dragons, leo geckos, etc)

        4. Recruit friends and family to gift your post with Critter Gold.

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          Nikki Layne

          I don’t see a start topic option anywhere?

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          me either

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          Jacob jones

          ON mobile its the three lines in the left u click that then its in the menu that the three lines pulls up. if you’re any kind of computer its just in the top right says start topic in green. hope this helps!

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          Lady Lazarus

          I registered, but there is still no “start topic” option

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          So when will we know when we know December 2020 winner??? The suspense is killing me lol

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      Yes, do we post here, or somewhere else in the forum?

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        Matt Brubaker

        You must register, then click “start topic” to enter.

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      Sounds great and thank you for the opportunity!

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      This is King. Cute , quirky and always in the mood for a cricket !

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      Cricket Contest This is Bubbles he’s cricket crazy. Love’s his crickets. Makes him the happiest beardie.

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      These are our new 9 babies bearded dragon. They are the kids of our Lissy and Dragon adult beard dragon.

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        oh wow, they’re tiny.  I had to zoom into the pic to see them.  How long does it take for BD  eggs to hatch?  And what type of temps do you need?

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      Our Traveling Dragon named Wolfie! She is a traveling lizard who got a lot of attention during the summer! We live in Kansas but she traveled on our dash to Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado! She loved the music, the cars, and even tried to drive!

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      Over the summer our traveling  dragon named Wolfie went on our family vacation from Kansas to Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado! She loved hanging out on the dash and even tried to help drive a few times!

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      One of our babies….

      She is ALWAYS watching…..

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      these are all my little babies. This is my first clutch!! I love my leapord geckos with all my heart.  Between all of them it does get pretty expensive and this free one year of crickets would help out a lot. ❤️Thank you so much for your time.

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        wow, love the life-line of pictures!  How many geckos do you have?  Do you breed them commercially?

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        I have 4 as of right now. 1 not even a year old the other 3 is 1 yr up to 2yr. I ordered my gecko and received her pregnant which wasn’t known. Now I’m just going with it!! And she keeps laying eggs!!

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      This is our 3 legged 8 toed lucky girl named "Lego"

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        #contest. This is a picture of our Famous girl “Lego” who came to the rescue with 8 toes out of 20 and her 3 legs! She is such a great pet! http://www.snakesaliverescue.con

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          Oh wow!  That poor girl.  But what a trooper, and thanks so much for helping to take care of her.  Would you mind posting her in a new topic?  I think the community would love hear her story.  You can do this by here:

          Start Topic

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      i have a 8-9 month old bearded dragon that WOULD LOVE them crickets. she loves crickets sooooo muchhhh. she’s goes crazy for them. haha

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        He’s most certainly at that age where he needs a steady diet of feeder insects!  We’d love for you and your beardie to participate.  But you have to create an independent post.  You can do that by hitting the “Start Topic” button in the upper right hand corner.  Or, if you’re on mobile, click the 3 stripe menu bar in the upper left, and then select “Start Topic.”  Let us know if you need any help!

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      Note to self: remember to close the terrarium lid. Thank goodness Leeloo the Dragon has the best feline big sister any lizard could ask for.

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        oh geeze, LeeLoo is trying his mightiest to get that feline out of his home!

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      This is Mushu! Named after the dragon in Disney’s movie, Mulan❤️ He is growing everyday and hates baths.

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      Hi my name is El Chapo. I love attention, chin scratches, lots of food, but most of all being out of my cage enjoying a warm bath 😊

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      Melissa Cyrus

      This is Martin. I live in Richmond, Virginia. We found Martin in my kitchen!!! He’s a Mediterranean House Gecko and he does not belong here! He was just a quarter of an inch big when we found him! After some calls we found out that Mediterranean House Geckos are not common here! Only one other has ever been found in our area!

      Apparently, there used to be a local pet store on our street, and two must have escaped! Martin was injured when we found him, one foot was missing toes!

      Poor Martin is so tiny, we could only feed him flightless fruit flies for his first few months. Our local pet stores do not have pin head crickets. I just made my first purchase. And we are super excited for Martin to finally eat something the right size for him. He is about an inch long now (including his tail) Thanks for shipping so quickly! I will update with a new phot when we can catch him having is first big boy (or girl) meal! ❤️♥️💕

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        Melissa Cyrus

        I really have no idea. He was definitely less than a month old. He was about a quarter of an inch long when we found him. He’s tripled in size in just a few months.

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      Samantha McAllister

      This is my biggest mangrove monitor Sam. He used to really love crickets as a baby, but now his appetite for bigger and better things has the best of him. I do have a few younger monitor lizards that still prefer crickets over anything else.

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      Samantha McAllister

      Have any crickets? I love crickets mmmmm sooo tasty nom nom!

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      Christina Burklew

      I love food.

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      David Ochoa

      Hi this is Hobbit… I would love to get free crickets . My cousin gave him to me because he feels I would get a good companion. Thank you🙏

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      Cricket contest ….Daphne the tegu ,carrying an egg

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      I vote for Tammy Crawford

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      I don’t know where to start choosing topics.

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      Cricket contest will me amazing!! My bearded loves them

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      Jesse Leitzsey

      Cricket Contest. Grumpy in the morning

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      Say hello to my new little girl she is 9 weeks old. Her name is Cheeto. I am obsessed with her.
      Hope you enjoy her cute little face like I do. Thank you for stoping and gazing into her sweet eyes.

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      Cricket critter

      My new pet blue gill I caught on crickets and not eating anything else

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      Shirley Coffin

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      Drax meets wonton for the first time.

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      Bethany Beguhl

      The Critter Depot hi my order arrived dead and then when I received my replacement order they were all dead as well. I have been emailing since last Friday and I have gotten no response. My order number is #34436 I would love to get a response from you. I would like a refund as I cannot rely on someone who does not communicate with the costumer

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      My 9 year old Bearded Dragon would love to win some yummy buggies !!!!

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      David Kelly

      OMG!! Mile’s is in another cricket slumber , he can stop at ten . Way to yummy from critter depot


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      I think its awesome that you guys do this! Havent won yet, but regardless I love the website. Its nice to be able to share the things youve learned on pets over the years. And you guys have some of the best feeders I’ve gotten. The gang approves! (see photo)

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      Brandon Lin

      I posted a topic but didn’t name it cricket contest!! Is there any way I can change the title?

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      Brittany Galecki

      My babies we go threw alot of bugs in this house lol

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      Tyler Manger

      Bat Dragon ❤️

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      This is my Sudan plated lizard named diamond she loves sunbathing on her favorite rock.

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      Alex Schickel

      This is my bearded dragon Blue. He’s two months old, and loves his dog brother.

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      Would love to win some free critters for my bearded dragons. This is one of the ones I have he is a happy fat lizzard. 😁

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