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    Cricket contest

    Got this little dude/dudette around July and would like him/her to grow a little larger and faster. Currently on CGD, I think he/she would love some crickets, especially the free ones.

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    I’m not sure if he/she really cares whether the crickets are free or not! But I bet you do. Is this new pet a lockdown buddy or had you planned on getting one for a long time?

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      I planned on getting one around May-ish and finally got him/her around July. Lots of researching and buying supplies.

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    So cute. It’s nice to see one with its tail still attached. These poor little guys seem to drop tails over anything. Never had one, but I’ve seen A LOT without tails.

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      People joke that crested geckos will drop their tails if you say something mean about them or look at them the wrong way. They’re very fragile when it comes to keeping their tails it seems.

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        Thanks for commenting on that. It is an important observation for future owners with small children to emphasize that they must never ever be grabbed by the tail, and that stress induced by handling can cause tail drop.