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      Tommy Kuehn
      Cricket Contest – July 2021 Winner!

      Hello, I am Spartacus. I am 3 months old and just finished eating my 1st meal at my new home. I do love bugs.

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      Kenneth Wayne

      I love the log. He looks comfy.

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      Spartacus. Excellent name for a warrior. And 50/50 that will indeed be true! But what if you turn out to be a girl? Spartacette? Spartina?

      Sorry, it’s been a long weekend. But I love this little guy/gal. Why a beardie? Always wanted one?

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        Tommy Kuehn

        Hoping for the best with the name being able to stick. Other then that I haven’t really thought about an alternate name.
        I’ve wanted a Bearded dragon since I was a child and now mine can have one.

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      gloria armstrong

      Awee what a sweet little baby ❤

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      Congratulations, Tommy! Sparticus is about to grow up to be a healthy young dragon, because you are this month’s contest winner! Be on the lookout for an email from us! This will have your coupon code for your year supply of free feeders. Thanks for participating!

Viewing 4 reply threads

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