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      Zelma Freedline
      Will this work for a heat bulb?

      Hi all
      The heat bulb I have now for my bearded dragon seems like it isn’t giving off much heat. I have a few of these bulbs just laying inside a fish tank stand collecting dust. Will these work as a heat bulb for my lizard?

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      65 watts is pretty low-powered. You can try it, but you should test the temperature at the surface of the basking area. If you find that after 4 hours, the area is too cool, I would just get the right wattage and save that otherwise good bulb for a different use.

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      I have used bulbs like these in a pinch and they would do ok for the cool side for just a little added warmth and light. But they dont do much else.

      Id use a 75 watt heat bulb MINIMUM. 80-100 is best option though. Like this: (copy and paste in amazon) Zoomed Repti Basking Spot Bulb [Value 2 Pack 100 WATT] or a deep heat emitter. Also, This is one of the very best UV bulbs for them if you need: (copy and paste this in amazon) Zoomed Reptisun 22″ 10.0 T5HO UV-B Bulb & Includes Attached DBDPet Pro-Tip Guide – Great for Bearded Dragons …. The high output (HO) is what youre wanting. Youd need a hood that fits a T5 bulb though.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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