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      caroline burdette

      This is my daughter’s leo, Toast. She’s not the most graceful of lizards, so we like to photoshop her into portraits every month that boost her self esteem. She willlay on her favorite rock and stare at the photo of the month for hours 😂.
      We got her from Petsmart in June because she was housed in a terrible tank and was being chased by a bigger leo. We just couldn’t leave her there. We bought her everything we were told was correct with her only to come home and so all our research and find out that 90% of her set up was wrong. She now has a 40 gallon tank full of hides and moss and plants,lots of platforms and stairs to explore and perfect heating and lighting. It’s been our most expensive impulse buy yet, but she’s an absolute joy and we love having her as part of the family!

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      Most people that purchase a pet from Petsmart have the same experience. But they make so much money off of well-meaning rescuers, that they have no corporate motivation to do anything differently. It’s awesome that Toast has a great home now with an ideal setup. She looks very well fed.

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        caroline burdette

        I felt SO guilty giving them money but we just couldn’t leave her there. She was so underweight and terrified in that enclosure. Now she’s having to go on a diet because we spoiled her too much to make up for the tough start. Lesson learned!

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