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    Nile monitor enclosure!

    Hello! I recently built a temporary 40 gallon enclosure for my baby nile monitor Milo! It is semi aquatic and the walls are made using expanding foam, silicone and eco earth shredded coco fiber. His basking area is around 115 and 120 at the hottest spot. His substrate is a mixture of coco fiber, organic topsoil and playsand for burrowing. The aquatic side is aquarium safe sand with fake plants and decorations and the water stays at a constant 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity bounces between 50 and 60% he seems to be absolutely thriving feeding on appropriately sized pinkie mice, Crickets, Dubias, raw ground turkey, cooked eggs, chicken hearts and gizzards and occasionally rosey red fish that swim in his pond. I supplement with repti cal with D3 5 times a week for everything besides fish and rodents. He’s shed twice in the past 4 weeks that I’ve had him. Keep in mind I’m well aware of what Nile monitors grow into as I’m keeping him in this 40 gallon for only about 6 months as I’m hand building an outdoor greenhouse for him to live in for good. Anyway that’s milos enclosure and everything I’ve done so far to keep him healthy and happy, I have experience with several other types of monitor lizards like savanahs but this is by far the biggest monitor lizard I’ve taken on. Even though he’s a baby he’s an absolute sweetheart, very social and never hisses or bites and for lack of better term actually seems to enjoy attention. If there’s any issues or problems that anyone sees or thinks of I’d love for some feedback and I’ll get on top of it right away. Thank you!

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    This is a pretty sweet set-up. I assume that the double lamps on the top right-hand side of the enclosure are fully UVB. If so, you might want to back off on the D3 supplementation to 3 times per week to avoid toxicity.