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      Needing some information

      My chameleon seems to be sluggish and weak. She was eating right along, but recently not so much! Any chance someone could give me some information about what might be wrong with her.
      Any information would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks again,

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      Hi Jim,
      You should take her to an exotic animal vet as soon as you can. Could be a lot of different things from parasites to injury to nutritional/metabolic deficiency. It’s not possible to diagnose from the picture. You should do it as soon as possible since reptiles typically start showing signs of illness when they are very very ill, and she is obviously feeling bad from the fact that she’s on the ground.
      Good luck, she is so beautiful and I hope she gets better.

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      Dakota Kirk

      I would definitely get her into an exotic animal vet as soon as possible. As Rachel said, it could be anything from an injury to the parasite to metabolic deficiency, but if I have a little more information, I might be able to help you get an idea of what might be the issue with her because it is difficult to tell from the picture anything other than she’s not feeling well. I’m of course, not an expert, I just have a little veiled and a few other lizards and have done a lot of research.

      Here are some questions:
      1. What are you feeding her? What’s her feeding schedule? Do you use any supplements?
      2. What is her tank set up like? Size, climbing things, etc.
      3. Does she have a UVB light and a basking light?
      4. What is her tank’s humidity level?
      5. What is the temperature inside her tank?
      6. Is she walking normally?
      7. Does she drink water well?

      Good luck with the beautiful girl and I hope you are able to get into a vet soon!

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        I agree with all of the above comments. Get her to the vet for emergency hydration, then tests can be run to determine cause. If you are able to provided a stool sample, that could save time.

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      Ok she could honestly have MBD, a serious condition that needs to be taken care of, I would REALLY recommend joining chameleon forums and posting about this for more info on how to help her and what is going on and how to avoid this in the future. Chameleon forums is a AWESOME resource that I’m sure can get you the help you need.

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        I did join a couple of groups and was asking about her. And all I got was people putting me down for being mean to her, not giving her the proper care and what ever. ☹️
        I did however get a couple people who sent me a message directly to tell me what they thought I should be doing to try to help her get better. Which I am very grateful for. I am doing everything I can to help her get better. Just hoping I am doing enough for her.
        Thanks Pearl for the advice, greatly appreciated! ❤️

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          I concur with other members of this forum that MBD is most likely. If true the path to wellness really is taking this pet to the vet. Really.

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