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      Dakota Kirk
      Cricket Contest

      Hello! My name is Pluto and I am a 2-month old bearded dragon. In this photo, I was hard at work doing maths with my human. It was a lot of problems, so I fell asleep on the back of her neck while she worked. If you ever need help with the additions and subtractions, let me know. I can even count (crickets, mostly). When I’m not mathing, I like to sit on my warm rock and declare that I am king of the mountain, a fearsome ruler loved by humans and hated by crickets. Sometimes I also eat the carpet when my human is trying to starve me by not giving me a cricket for two minutes, but she is also kind of a dictator and doesn’t even let me. Her brother is much cooler. I pooped on his head once to let him know that.

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      Well Pluto, you are among many celebrity reptile stars who have pooped on someone’s head. This human (me) has always cracked up, and then been embarrassed when a San Diego Zoo animal pooped on Johnny Carson’s head. I was in charge of some of those non-human guests who decided to make their wishes plain. To his credit, Johnny took it well. Just don’t overdo it!

Viewing 1 reply thread

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