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      Tom Jones
      Crickets Contest

      My name is Randi. I am a big baby girl, 9 months old. I am an only Leo and get all the attention I want from my owner, a sweet teenager who lets me hang out on her hand and feeds me crickets, mealworms, Dubias, and waxworms. She loves me and I love her (when she feeds me šŸ˜‚)
      Please give me critter gold if you think Iā€™m adorable šŸ˜‰

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      I do think you are adorable and I gave you a gold. Tell your teenage person to get her friends to log on and give you a gold too. You are awfully cute and need to grow up big and strong and have a full life with lots of bugs to snack on. Not too many though, you wouldn’t want to get fat!

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      I love little fat Gecko’s. Looks like you take great care of her! She looks very similar to ours. Nothing better than having a good pet to grow up with.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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