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      This is my little girl L’il Bit she was the teeny tiniest of all the hatchlings & took forever to get this big! All of her brothers & sisters are twice her size.

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      incredible picture!  how old is she and how many chameleons do you have?

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      She is about a year & a half & she is the only one I have. That photo was when she was probably about 9 months. My friends chameleons mated & she was not growing as quickly as the rest & they were concerned that she was not getting enough to eat in competition with the others so I took her when she was still very small. She is still smaller than the others.

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      Howdy Lil Bit, you may be small, but I bet you are mighty.  To Lil Bit’s mommy, I have raised the ‘runt’ of the litter of many species and I have always found that they make up for their lack of size with greater intelligence and personality.  Sometimes it seems as if the runt just knows that you are there for it and that it owes it’s continued existence to your care, because in the wild it would have been history long ago.  They just seem to be more grateful than more ‘alpha’ type of animals!  What sort of supplement do you give to Lil Bit’s to provide comprehensive nutrition, including and calcium and vitamin D? Runts do need plenty of extra nutrients outside of calories, fats and proteins.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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