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      Cricket Contest

      I could not show you this photo in the last post, but this is his tank. He loves climbing on the wood and also loves looking at himself in the mirror when he drinks his water! In the far right hand corner I put a strawberry there so the crickets can eat and stay alive longer. There are two felt pillows that I sewed for him in his hot hide, he loves snuggling up with them. The thermometer is down low so I can see what the temperature is on the bottom off the tank. I hope to get a Digital thermometer soon so I can tell the temperature faster. The reason why he does not have another lamp on the top of the tank is because he has another lamp that’s beside the tank that I switch out morning and night because the lamp that the tank came with was a red lamp which is bad for his eyes.

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      Seems like a nice set-up that is easily cleaned. Your right about the red light. A lot of work for you. I hope you can get a digital thermometer really soon. You will thank yourself for it and it is so money well spent. Have you ordered one online yet? Sometimes that’s the way to get the best deals.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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