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      Cricket Contest

      This is my chameleon, Alduin! He’s about 5 months old. Alduin is named after the dragon from Skyrim- his name means “world-eater”. It suits him because he devours up to 10 crickets in a 5 minute time frame. Sometimes we call him “Aldi” or “Nervous boy”. He’s very quirky, any time he sees my phone when I try to take a pic of him, he screams. That’s why I usually takes pics while he is sleeping or about to sleep. He’s much calmer at night. His favorite food is crickets, more than mealworms or superworms, because they jump around so much! He also loves blueberries 🙂

      Alduin showing off his vibrant pretty colors


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      wait… are those both pictures of Alduin??  If so, that’s an incredible color change!

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        Yes it is!! 🙂 he has super vibrant colors

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      He is a right colorful character!  Is that him screaming in the photo, or is he just getting into the spirit of things and grinning for the camera?

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      Does your baby have spurs on the back of the claws? I have two veileds, my pride and joys… along with all my other critters. The reason for the ask is, if there are spurs present on the back paws, then it shall be a Male. But if there are no spurs present, you have yourself a Female. Also, you’ll start to notice a slight bulge under his tail near his rear end lol! Just curious! Gorgeous baby! Super jealous I can’t have another right now!

Viewing 3 reply threads

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