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      Cricket Contest

      This is my male, 3 year old bearded dragon Dezzy. I just redid his enclosure into a bioactive enclosure.
      He seems to be liking it. And I definitely like the way it looks!

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      An upclose picture of my boy on the floor. He loves chasing those balls around.

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      I love it. Have you had any issues with too much humidity with the substrate, litter and plants you added? What kind of clean up screw do you use? I always do bioactive as well. They’re so fun! His marking are cool. I’m sure he’s a wild type? but he’s a beauty

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        So I have dezzy in an enclosure that is 48×18.5×18, technically called a 60 gallon breeder tank. And I used the bio dudes terra sahara substrate which is specifically designed for arid bioactive enclosures. I bought the terra sahara kit for a 75 gallon tank since the dimensions are similar.
        So I haven’t had issues with humidity. I live in Florida so humidity is always annoying. Since going bioactive I haven’t seen really any increases, except for when I initially set it up.
        I used pvc pipe to create an underground watering system. The bio dudes subrate stay dry on top but moist on the bottom layers. Which makes it so it does not raise the humidity. But also allows your clean up crew to have moisture.
        So I just put the water down the tube I have sticking up from the substrate and it keeps it moist on the bottom layers.
        I use all plants that are meant for an arid enclosure. Succulents mostly.
        And as for a clean up crew. I have microfauna in their from the bio dudes “bioshot”, then I have a pretty wide variety in their bug eise. I have a combination of silver and pink springtails. Both are hardy and work in an arid bioactive set up. Silver springtails more so then pinks. Then I have dwarf white isopods in there which are small and stay mostly underneath the substrate. (Makes it harder for my beardie to eat them. Lol) Then I have powder blue and orange isopods, a few dairy cows… (what he hasnt eatten anyway). Then I have mealworms and superworms in there, along with whatever beetles survive. Which aren’t many… LOL… if he sees them move they are goners.
        I replace the larger isopods when I no longer see many of them. I have a hide in there specifically for the bugs. (Sounds crazy, I know. LOL) I keep it moist underneath that hide and put extra leaf litter and some occasional food for the mealworms like a slice of apple. Dezzy can’t get in that hide so it’s a place for them to hide. (My attempt at stopping him from eating all of them.)
        I feed him discoid roaches and there are a few of those in there from time to time.

        Funny thing is… he was such a lazy dragon before I did this. He wouldn’t hunt for anything. Preferred to be fed his crickets from a cup… wouldn’t chase them if they got loose. Would just watch them walk around…
        But I made in bioactive and added bugs I NEEDED in there… and suddenly he is all about hunting and catching anything he can. 😆 🤣 😂

        I just did my leopard geckos tank too. She was a bit more hesitant about it. I added a picture of my leopard gecko set up as well. 😀

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          That’s so awesome. I love how you did it all like a real environment and ecosystem. You did your homework. I did the same thing in a community tank, I love science and I wanted an actual mini biosystem in my home. Even got all animals that lived in the same area, one for each level and section of the tank and even had a “pond” side.

          And I looove anything biodude. I used their bioshot to boost mine before my clean up crew could get a good footing. Most people leave out the drainage system and it’s such a big deal for humidity and avoiding stagnant water build up. I absolutely love this set up and the correct plant usage. I did notice your succulents, they look great. Have you thought of adding any air plants?.
          Also, It makes sense your boy had been more active, I advise everyone with a reptile to go bioactive just for that reason alone. The animals flourish! I’m sure your Leo will come around, they always do with bios. Lol.

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