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      Where’s a Good Place to Get a Bearded Dragon?

      Hey Herp-Fanatics!

      Everyone wants a beautiful, and healthy bearded dragon. But sometimes, it won’t be easy finding any of these at big box stores for unfortunate reasons.

      If you’re on the market for a new bearded dragon, there are many small, independent breeders that know proper feeding, lighting, and habitat design. We wrote this comprehensive article on what new buyers should look for when assessing reputable bearded dragon breeders.

      These are some of the bearded dragon breeders that have been recommended by the community:

      Where’d you buy Your Bearded Dragon?

      We want to hear from you!  Help our community with your valuable feedback on who you believe is an amazing bearded dragon breeder.  Here are some easy questions to answer that will help everyone out:

      • Where did you find your bearded dragon?
      • What were the benefits of dealing with this breeder?
      • Were they accomodating and informative?
      • How was the shipping (if your ordered online)
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      Keri Olsen

      Fairy tail dragons LLC was recommended to us when I was looking for a bearded dragon in FL. The owner was super responsive to messages. After purchase she remains available for any questions you may have about your beardie. Just looking through her FB posts and dragons listed on morphmarket I thought there were amazing colors in her dragons.

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      When I was in Florida seeking for a bearded dragon, I was told to contact Fairy Tail Dragons LLC. The store’s manager was very quick to respond to emails. Even after the sale, you can contact her with any concerns you have regarding your new beardie. The colors on her dragons are stunning, and I only got that impression from looking at her Facebook pictures and dragons listed on morphmarket. mini crossword

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        Most owners buy bearded dragons from breeders or pet stores. They breed well in captivity and are widely available. drift hunters

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