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      Albino milk snakes and feeding

      So i have a baby albino milk snake and im asking when i should switch from pinkies to live mice and also how often should i feed pinkies to this new hatchling its chart from the pet store says 2 1/2 weeks of feeding im assuming this means the age as well
      So results of research some say 3-5 days others 7-10 and i believe its because they are doing a general number for adults
      I would love it if someone who raises snakes specifically milk snakes can tell me the proper days to wait between feeds i know not to handle after just want my lil guy to grow up healthy

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      Great question and it’s good that you are tackling this question now. The answer is….it depends. That is why you see differing accounts of how much and when to feed. The best rule of thumb is to feed a smaller size rather than larger. If you are in doubt, keep feeding pinkies until the size of the snake’s head is 1 and 1/2 times the width of a fuzzy. This will preclude choking and regurgitation. It means feeding more pinkies, but that is the safest course of action. At 6 months of age, this snake should definitely be able to handle a fuzzy, unless it is an extraordinarily small male, then your judgment must be used. In general, it is always best to feed small items more often, than to take a risk with a single larger food item.

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      I have the same question. Did you figure it out? Mines a baby still. He eats pinkys

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