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I have only found 1 feces on the second day i brought her home, and she hasnt really eaten so Im not sure if she would have anything to poop out anyway, Is bathing her going to stress her out anymore? The soil she’s in right now is the exo terra plantation soil and its what she was on before. Im unsure if she really is impacted, the one time i picked her up he belly did not feel hard, She just looks like shes full of water on both sides, but if anything she was a little dry, i have been trying extra had to keep it humid by misting the enclosure multiple times a day, with dechlorinated water, and not hitting her too much directly (i know a few stray droplets hit her cause she slowly closes her eyes and opens them when im done). Her skin and colour still looks great, shes just not eating. I will try the honey bath when I am home from work, I was just nervous about stressing her out, she doesnt seem very comfortable
I just want to do the best for her and her breeder said she ate super well before, but since Ive had her she doesnt want anything, and shes only a few months old so i was told she needs to eat more frequently than adults.
Thank you for your help!

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