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I’ve never had that happen, but I heard to put some betadine on it followed by plain neosporin. It should help. What kind of crickets were they? The original brown crickets or the banded crickets? If it is banded crickets, there may be other critters living in the tank you are unaware of cause I don’t think banded crickets are very aggressive. Also, why not feed it in a separate container?, that way you can let him eat what it wants in say 15 minutes then transfer him to his home without the worry of leaving crickets in the cage. You could go another route and buy it some dubia roaches or black soldier fly larvae which both are totally safe and no worries of either of them attacking yur gecko.
You may want to see what others say because I’m no expert. I am sure AB will weigh in with better advice. Gotta love AB she is a huge help and seems to know what she is talking about.

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