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Duncan cowling

Chameleon husbandry Info:
• Your Chameleon – Veiled chameleon, 2-3 months old I was told. I call him a he but not sure. I’ve had him just over a week.
• Handling – I’ve held off handling to allow him to settle in.
• Feeding – locusts 10-12 and small meal worms (not every day) in a morning.
• Supplements – exo terra supplements
• Watering – Manually misted at least 3 times a day, I have seen him drink.
• Fecal Description – Long and dark (seems to have no problem passing) also white present (presuming that is urine?)
• History – no history given from pet shop only that he’s about 2-3 months old.
Cage Info:
• Cage Type – reptibreeze zoo med (41x41x76cm
• Lighting – exo terra canopy with exo terra 150 reptile uvb bulb. Komodo dome clamp lamp with exo terra 100w daylight basking bulb. On during the day and off at night as much as possible to a 12 hour on and 12 hour off schedule.
• Temperature – around 81 at basking spot and around 76 at floor. Got a dual prob thermometer.
• Humidity – humidity levels between 52-68 I’ve recorded. Dual thermometer can read humidity too.
• Plants – Are you using live plants? Using artificial plants
• Placement – cage is located in corner of room, not near fans, vents or high traffic areas. Top of cage is 167cm from floor.
• Location – Noth Lincolnshire uk
Current Problem – Cham colouring

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