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      This is a picture of my baby’s Bernouli and Darcy Weisbach (both named after equations I use on a daily basis here at college). Bernouli is the bigger one on the bottom, Darcy is on the top. They are never apart and love sitting on each other, which you can see on this picture! Bernouli loves to swim and pose for pictures (I have so many) and Darcy is kinda crazy and I am pretty sure she is trying to kill me, not like actually but… Maybe. She likes to bite the heads of crickets and watch the body twitch before she eats the rest of it… yeah. They are both sweethearts though, and love to cuddle at night time! They love crickets and would probably go nuts to have so many.


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      Hey Skopeck!  It doesn’t look like your pic came through.

      Have you done any research on bearded dragon cohabitation?  In out opinion, BD’s are a solitary by nature, and shouldn’t be housed with other BD’s.  But there are some keepers that think its ok.  Might want to do some research on the topic if you haven’t already.

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