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      Hello everyone.

      Timone has been perched up on his standing log hide every other morning since last Friday and I’m wondering why that might be. Here’s a pic of him this morning

      He still seems pretty alert when I get up and open the blinds to let natural light in because he makes sudden glances left and right as I pass in front of his tank.

      Any thoughts as to why he’s chillin there and awake in the morning? He might even be sleeping but he usually sleeps in his hides I set up (he has one main spot and one very strange spot).

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      No clue. I don’t think this is really much of a problem though, unless he is up there because the bottom of his tank/substrate is dirty, which I doubt because you are such a careful keeper. That’s the only thing I can think of without more information. This may be a case of waiting it out, especially if his health and attitude don’t seem to be suffering.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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