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      Hi, i am new to owning whites tree frogs and i was just wondering if there was any information i should know about this in particular … i know they’re nocturnal and become active at night, however i would like to be able to see him and check he’s doing okay! Is there a night light i can buy that won’t affect his cycle but will allow me to handle him and watch him be active at night?

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      Hi Leanne!

      congrats on becoming a new pet parent! We have an excellent care guide on white tree frogs written by our moderator. Here is the guide. I don’t believe it goes into detail on a specific night light that’s appropriate. But I’m sure our moderator, Zoodulcis, will have some good feedback.

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        Our illustrious keymaster is correct, there are things you can do. Read the guide first, and then post any further questions specific to your circumstances, needs and budget and I will be happy to guide you.

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        thankyou very much! here is one of my whites tree frogs mochi! i have no concerns about their health but would love to know if theyre looking healthy still from somebody who knows more than i do?!

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      I would suggest a Blue Moonlight Bulb (or even black). I’ve used blue and red and my tree frogs seemed to enjoy the blue more and were more active under blue than red. (But I also kept it far enough way to be dim in the tank.) Its more similar to actual moon light in the wild. But I think it depends on the type of frog as well. Some don’t like any light at all at night.

      There have been studies saying that frogs can see more colors than we can, even in complete darkness, so I’d imagine something more natural at night would be most comfortable. Id also shut even that light off when you go to bed though, as I believe they will see any type of bulb you put in there. Still read the care guides though, theyre great!

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        this was so much help thankyou! i got the blue bulb and it’s been just what i needed, thankyou for your advice!

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