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      Which is the best snake for beginners?  Let us know what you think!

      Which is the best pet snake for beginners?

      We’re nominating the corn snake, milk snake, and rosy boa as best beginner snakes!  But we know there’s a bunch more worthy contenders!  Let us know which snakes you think are the best for beginners and why? 

      milk snake for beginners corn snake beginner pet

      We have a few thoughts on the popular question, and wrote a comprehensive beginner pet snake guide on the subject.  Out of the most popular pet snakes, milk snakes, corn snakes, and rosy boas are great options for beginner snake owners.  But why?  What is it about the 3 snakes that make them so easy and beginner friendly?

      We have a few ideas on what makes pet snakes easier than others.

      • Docile temperament – all 3 of these snakes are relatively docile.  They do not mind handling, and can even grow affectionate with owners
      • Expense – all 3 of these snakes are relatively affordable, with the corn snake being more affordable, then milk, then rosy boa.  All 3 will cost about the same to set up a proper habitat (rosy boas need more bedding however), and each one will have roughly the same monthly expense.
      • Cleanliness and sanitation – These snakes are relatively clean, but will need daily spot cleaning.  Remember, cleanliness and sanitation is critical for good health.  So be sure to spot clean daily.  And keep an eye on the water dish for your rosy boa incase they decide to take a trip through it.
      • General maintenance – Milk snakes and corn snakes are practically identical with their humidity and temp requirements.  Rosy boas are a little more finicky, and will need temps slightly higher.  And their humidity requirements should settle around 40%.  If they start to shed, you’ll want to bump up that humidity to about 60%.  You can use a reptile fogger to help boost that humidity.
      • Friendliness – A new pet owner cannot go wrong with any of these snakes.  Each one is friendly and will explore, and can be held gently.  As long as the new owner is mindful and careful, any of these snakes are great for beginners.
      • Are you a frequent traveler?  Not a problem, because corns, milks, and rosies can be left for up to a week without a feeding.  It is recommended, however to have a sitter check in, to perform the daily spot cleaning.  And also check on the water.


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