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      It’s not secret to anyone perusing this site that reptiles are amazing pets!  They are quirky, colorful, and full of personality!  But where do the reptile-curious begin?  Should they grab any random pet from the nearest pet shop and give it a whirl?  Anyone who’s been caring for reptiles knows that that is not good advice, and has a high probability of sending that pet to the adoption center.

      So where should a new owner start?  They should start by identifying their life style.

      • Do you have copious amounts of free time?  Or are you away 50+ hours a week?
      • Can you provide adequate living space for a free, roaming large reptile?  Or is space limited?
      • What can you actually afford?  Remember, a pet isn’t just an upfront cost, but a daily responsibility that requires monthly expenses.

      The answers to these questions will help you determine which reptile pet is going to fit your life style.  If you can’t offer the necessary space, then tegus, monitors, or boa constrictors will not be a good choice.  If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider a bearded dragon or leopard gecko, who can feast on inexpensive insects, unlike mice-hungry snakes.  Here’s a great guide that will give you a glimpse at the hidden fees that many people don’t consider when owning a bearded dragon.

      There are many other factors that the reptile-curious needs to consider.  All of these factors are outlined in our article that goes into greater depth of how to pick a reptile.  But no matter which reptile you decide on, always know that these beautiful pets are a daily responsibility, and should not be an impulse purchase.  And please, never give reptiles as pets!

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