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      Angela Rutledge
      Where's my crickets?

      This is our brand new baby beardie, Baby! We just bought her from PetsMart a week ago. I think she is just beautiful! She will not eat anything but crickets! I swear, she has doubled the size she was when we bought her. Her crickets are making nice and healthy looking!

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      She is a cutey. Have you tried any dubia roaches for her? What are you supplementing her crickets with to get such a high growth rate?

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        Angela Rutledge

        Thank you! I am just dusting the crickets with calcium a couple times a week and giving the crickets calcium cricket feed. I do put greens and fruit in her cage, but have not seen her eat any of them. I am so afraid of giving her anything, because there are so many mixed messages about what kinds of insects to feed them around the web. Is it safe to give her small dubias? I also thought about trying her on butterworms, but they are out of stock everywhere.

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