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      here are the requirements, that i’ve been having some trouble trying to fulfill:
      easy to care for (i’ve never had a frog before so i am a super beginner)
      not brown
      not super loud, especially during the night
      very handleable
      preferably good to keep alone or with 1 other frog
      that’s all, please tell me if you know any frogs that would fit this list 🙂

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      Look into White’s tree frogs. They are friendly, fascinating, and relatively easy to care for. Two females can cohabitate easily and the croaking should be at a minimum. There are other very nice species out there such as tomato frogs, but only you know how much croaking you can tolerate and where you will be placing the habitat. If you want the frogs to live in your bedroom, you might be uncomfortable with that particular choice of pet.

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