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      Sorry haven’t been back in to check on stuff. My husband just bought me a 6foot cage with 2 sugar gliders…and boy are they a handful! I named my boy, Bam Bam…cause he hops all over like bam bam bam bam!…the lil girl, well, she’s special…And sneaky…comes to you while your back is turned…. when you look at her, she disappears like magic! No pics yet, but I’ll need more mealeys

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      Congrats! Theyre great. If youre a new owner of these special babies and have any questions, just ask. Ive owned two for years now. Just throwing that out there if ya needed.

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      Wow!! Congratulations indeed. Were they a birthday or anniversary gift? Were you expecting this or was it a total surprise?

Viewing 2 reply threads

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