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      We’re happy to announce that we now have discoid roaches for sale.

      You may be more familiar with their close relative, the Dubia Roach.  However, Discoid Roaches are nutritionally equal, BUT they are legal in Florida.  Many of you Florida residents are probably all too aware that you can’t ship dubia roaches into your state.  But Discoid roaches are perfectly legal in Florida, and they are excellent feeder insects.

      What makes them so great is:

      • lean protein – their protein value is comparable to crickets.  But they also offer a higher amount of calcium, making them superior feeder.
      • low chitin – chitin is that touch, fibrous exoskeleton that you’ll find on mealworms and older crickets.  Chitin can cause impaction, which can cause serious problems for your beloved pet.
      • Easy to store – discoid roaches are terrible climbers, and don’t have wings.  Which means you can store them in a 5 gallon bucket.  And they don’t smell (unlike crickets).  Here’s a video we created that shows you what it’s like to receive discoid roaches in the mail, and how to set up a temporary habitat:

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