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      Tomato frog has white on her head

      Hi, I tried posting before but it looks as if it didn’t take. My tomato frog of about 3 years has white on her head. I know they can produce this in response to stress, but her environment hasn’t changed. She’s in a 10g tank with a nice big dish of water that she can sit in. Outside is frog moss and coco substrate. I use RO/DI water combined with Reptisafe, and all of her crickets are coated with herpivite. Any ideas what could be wrong with her.

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      I am not a veterinarian, just saying. But if it was me I would suspect tuberculosis. A swab of the white area sent to the vet will be needed to be sure. If you feel you cannot do that, then treatment with Baytril should begin to make a noticeable difference within a few days. If it is not tuberculosis, which is very antibiotic-resistant so it’s better if it isn’t, it could be some sort of more common bacterial infection. If that is true, and there is no way to know without a swab, some owners have had good luck with Melafix, available where aquarium supplies are sold or online. Applying this to the area a couple of times a day should show results in 3-4 days. Expect lots of skin shedding.

      In either case, or if it is chytrid, which is unlikely if you have no other newly purchased amphibians, you will need to thoroughly disinfect the entire habitat. The substrate should be replaced and the furniture and water bowls soaked in 10% bleach for half an hour and then rinsed twice with dechlorinated water. The tank itself will need the same treatment. This should prevent reinfection from bacteria hiding in cracks and crevices. Hopefully you have been able to catch this in time!

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