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      Superworm Metamorphosis Time Lapse – Pupa to Beetle

      Superworms are some of the most popular feeders for reptiles.  They’re loaded with fat and protein, which is ideal for a growing bearded dragon or leopard gecko.

      They’re so popular that many owners try to breed them on their own.  It’s a novel journey, but breeding superworms is more complex than breeding crickets.  And this is due to their metamorphosis.  The actual superworm is in the larva stage.  From the larva stage, they transform into a pupa.  And from the pupa, they then transform into a beetle.  Pretty amazing that the humble looking superworm has enough genetic fortitude to transform into an egg-laying beetle.

      In fact, we thought it was so incredible that we had to capture the process on video.  So we set up a stationary camera, and put the video on a time lapse sensor.  Beneath the video, we placed an older pupa into a deli cup.  Pupa’s look immobile, but they will perform micro-movements and can move off camera.  We filmed for about 48 hours, and captured the pupa transform into a beetle.  It was stunning display of mother nature, and we were excited to capture such a vivid transformation.


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