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      Tessa Sundling
      Possible bacterial infection

      I have a male white’s tree frog named Chomper that is almost a year old. Last night I noticed these spots on my frog that didn’t change color with the rest of his body. At first I thought is was just a misfire but now I’m almost certain it is the start of a bacterial infection. The temp. In the enclosure is about 75°(F) and the humidity is at 50%.
      If this is a bacterial infection, what can I do to help my frog in terms of treatment??

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      If you have either Baytril or Neosporin handy, you can try swabbing the areas affected with those twice daily. If there is no visible change in 3 days, then it may be time to take him to the vet (since I am not one and have not examined the little dude live and up close.)

Viewing 1 reply thread

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