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      Cameron Eyl
      Pacman frog's skin bleaching?

      Hi so I just joined this forum because I had a question. I have a juvenile strawberry pineapple pacman frog (around 5 months old) named Chonkers. He hasn’t been sexed yet since it’s still too early to tell. But my question/problem has to do with his skin, he is a deep pink and yellowish-orange when I wake up before I turn his light on, but by the time I turn it off when his day cycle is over, his skin is much much lighter and has small bumps on it. Once I turn off his light, he usually returns to normal pretty quickly (I’ve never counted but probably around 30 mins). I was just wondering if this was normal?? Does this happen to anyone else’s pacman frogs? I keep the humidity around 70-80% and mist his terrarium regularly so I doubt it has anything to do with dehydration. He has a normal appetite and no other issues, please let me know if this is normal! And if it isn’t please let me know how to fix it ASAP because I care about all my pets so so much and like to give them the best lives possible.

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      It is normal for these guys to adjust their colors. They will change colors if they go from a light to a dark substrate. They also change colors with mood. My guess is that he/she is responding to the illumination levels and is not sick or suffering from a skin disease, at least if that is the only thing that you have noticed changing. In a way, it’s good news, because with chytrid fungus and other nasties, the color change from dusk to daylight illumination would not be happening easily and regularly. Good observation of your pet is the best way to keep the little guy healthy and prevent illnesses from taking hold, so good for you in noticing this color change in your pet and getting some input about it.

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