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      I got a cute strawberry pac man frog about two months ago and he has not eaten without being force-fed since I have gotten him. I let him rest for the first 2 days until I tried to feed him. It didnt work so I waited another week because I heard he could be stressed from the change.
      after two weeks I attempted to feed him every other day without sucess. I even tried to put him in a different container with the food and leaving food over night in his cage. Nothing worked so I eventually had to force feed him. He didn’t open his mouth the traditional way (with a thing card or something to open it) so my boyfriend has to hold him and get him to get him to open mouth so he can throw the worm in. We normally feed him one worm wed, fri, and Sunday. One worm is the most we try to feed because we know its bad to hold him too much and force feed him but he wont eat. SOmetimes when we try to tong feed him he will lunge at the food. Im not sure if he’s trying to bat it away or just can open hos mouth to eat it correctly. The store we bought him at sayd they typically tong feed their frogs. He seems pretty young and is about 2 inches across I set up his Exo Terra cage with some live plants, a water bowl, and some substrate that is a mix of terra firma and spag. I have a fog machine to keep the humidity up and I mist the cage daily. I keep the humidity about 70 to 80% and make sure the soil is not too wet. I also refill his wanted every day. I keep his term around 75-80 degrees and I use a heater at the top of the cage that emits heat down. I tried heating pads but they didn’t work in keeping the cage warm. I know we can force feed him forever because its stressful to the frog. How can I get him to eat he looks like he is getting thin. We also tried to give him different types of food.

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      Have you tried a honey bath? If he is not pooping regularly, this may help. It may take several days.

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