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      New White Tree Frog Owner — Is this normal?

      Hello Everyone! I am a new to owning an amphibian!

      I noticed that my White’s Tree Frog’s abdomen is bigger and is a bit transparent and is especially noticeable as they are moving. They are active still with no changes in appetite. I have just fed them a cricket dusted with Miner-All Calcium Powder. They have an 30G 18x18x24 enclosure at 70-75F and 60-70 humidity with UVB Lighting. I have Bend-A-Branches, Fake Vines, and a Pothos plant in the enclosure.

      I typically handle them with gloves before and after I clean their enclosure, which I do up to two times a week. However, to get a good picture without the bulk of the gloves I handled them for this picture after I washed my hands thoroughly.

      If someone can let me know if this is normal/expected please let me know! In my area there is not an exotic vet or a vet specializing in amphibians near so I am trying my best.

      Thank you so much!


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      i have tree frogs too and my frogs get the same way after they eat the eyes are bigger then the bellys. they will be fine none of my frogs died from this.

      but a great trick for getting the frogs calcium is to put Orange slices in the tank so the cricket eat that and the frogs eat them. that just me and what i do. but if you don’t clean out the oranges you will get fruit flys. and if you have small frogs they will eat them too.

      good luck and i hope this helped!

      ps this pic is from today after i feed them! i have 11 frogs 🐸

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        Thank you so much for your reply. I have been going down the rabbit hole of google and I have successfully freaked myself out. I had thought that maybe they were suffering from an infection/kidney failure (Oedema?).

        Should I adjust their feeding schedule? They ate everyday for the first few days I had them and now they tend to eat every other day because I was scared that I was over feeding them, I heard that obesity was common in this species.


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          yea for me i feed weekly and i get 3 to 4 🦗for each frog(i have 11 frogs)and just wait till all the cricket are gone and then wait a few day after so just see how fast they eat and just know they will Fluctuate in size depending on how much and how often they eat. but your good and will be a great frogs Parent!!!😁

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      Tiffinie Dunn

      Hey so I’m not sure if whites frogs do.this too but mine are just green tree frogs but I notice right before there go to make the noise there belly and throat gets huge even after for a bit!!

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