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      Rosalina Mangino

      I recently got a baby Pacman frog and I have a couple of questions.

      Yesterday I tried feeding him and he was trying to get at the cricket I put in there for him but every time he tried he couldn’t get it, I tried giving it to him by tongs but he wouldn’t take it. Any tips? And is this concerning?

      Also, my temperatures with one heat mat are about 75-77 and I feel this is a bit low, should I put another heat mat? I’m nervous to use any type of heat lamp and would be more comfourtable using a mat.

      And one more thing, I have an Inkbird probe, and when I plugged my heat mat in it shut off, and also I was unsure about where to put the probe in my tank, should I put it near the back or the front?

      If you don’t have the answers to all of these that’s okay, even just one answer will be helpful, I don’t want him to die and I just want to take the best care of him. Thanks 🙂

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      Greetings, many new owners of pac man frogs try to get their pet to eat immediately. It is an act of love, but these frogs can go without food for quite a while and relocating them to a new home often stresses them. They respond by losing their appetite. This is not a cause for concern. Stop pressuring him to eat for now, and give him space for at least a week, then offer him what you have been told is his favorite food. If that is crickets, be sure not to leave any hanging around in the habitat. If not eaten, they may begin to chew on him.

      The temperature is OK, if a bit low. If you are in a region where winters are particularly cold and your house ambient temperature drops, a second mat may be useful, as long as there is somewhere in the habitat that is unheated. That way he can take advantage of the temperature gradient to suit himself and not overheat.

      I cannot advise on the probe and its behavior, as I have never used that product.

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        Rosalina Mangino

        Okay i got a heat mat now,the temp now ranges about 79-83 is that ok? He’s eaten a couple crickets and I think we are on the way to a new better start! 😀
        Thank you for the response.

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