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      New mommy needs help

      hello, this is Kayda and Draco (yes I separated them after purchasing, we got them from pet-co and they fed me horrible information)
      1. What type of lighting should I use, Should I have more than one type of bulb?
      2. I purchased rep-cal multivitamins and Calcium and I’m now seeing that it’s not healthy for them so what does everyone prefer?
      3. I’m really curious to know what morph they are just in case there are any possible health problems.
      I would really love any information that could be useful, I really was these babies to live happy healthy lives but there’s so much contradicting information that I was given (from petco mostly) so I’m looking for more

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      Sorry you purchased them from Petco. Always a bad call. I suggest you read the guide on this site about the care of leopard geckos. It does include some information on many of the questions you asked, including neurological problems with morphs.

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      I feel ya on the petshop crappy advice. Ill add everything I use, hope it helps. My guy is super chunky and healthy. 1 year old now.

      Lighting: UV 25-50 watt. I like a halogen bulb because it gives uv and heat so i can make a basking spot.
      Type this in on amazon: CTKcom 25W UVB Light UVA Bulb Halogen Basking Bulb(4 Pack)

      Heating: Heat mat with a temp gauge, keeping it between 80-85°F on the warm side. Offer cooler places, 75-80°F and a warm spot between 90°-95° (93°F is a sweet spot ive found), easiest to do with lamp.

      Vitamins/Minerals: Fluker’s Reptile Calcium Supplement Without Vitamin D3 and Zoo Med Reptivite, with Vitamin D3. You alternate them. Calcium daily and vitamin with d3 once a week. (this will change a little as they age)

      You’ll need one humid hide for shedding. Humidity over 40% in there and 30-40% in rest of tank.

      They also look like High Yellow Jungle Morph. Seems to be a common morph right now. Hope this helped!

      Check out this youtube channel for A LOT of great info on theyre care. Ill try to add a link. Its a channel named Leopard Gecko:

      Ill add a pic of my guy, so you know im not full of it too. lol

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        If they were kept on sand at pet shop, keep water in with them. and a calcium dish. Mine was stuffed full of sand.

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        Thanks AB! I figured you would have advice on the morph. Brianna, check out all of the resources AB suggested AND read the guide on this site.

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          I love Leo’s, so I try to stay on top of the morphs. lol.
          Here’s the guide i made and use:

          ~at least a 15 gallon tank.
          ~uva/uvb bulb (no higher than 75w) and/or vitamin D3 powder (A lot of people use both, including myself)
          ~Calcium Powder (will add pictures of feeding/dusting schedule)
          ~Ceramic heat lamp
          ~Reptile Heat Mat
          ~Surface thermometer (sometimes comes with heat mat)
          ~Temp & Humidity Gauge (they have some that have both)
          ~Water Dish
          ~Calcium Powder dish (can use cap from a bottle)
          ~Substrate (coconut fiber, reptile carpet, slate, tiles, shelf liner, newspaper, paper towel)
          sphagnum moss (can substitute with damp paper towel)
          ~2-3 hides.

          Set up/Details:
          ~Warm side should be between 88-93 (about 90, goal) degrees on the tank floor.
          ~Cool side should be your room temperature in the 70-76 degrees. 30-40 humidity, tested on cool side.
          ~Heat mat goes on one side (substrate on top). Covering no more than half the tank.
          ~Hide positions: one over heat mat and one on cool side. You will also need a humid hide (i set this in between warm and cool side (with moist moss or paper towel inside, keep moist. Some people only put this hide in when shedding starts, i always keep one in. You can use a tupperware with a hole cut in it. Use tape to cover sharp edge or sand down with sandpaper)
          ~Water on cool side. (always keep water in tank)
          ~Put calcium dish wherever you want, but always leave it in tank.
          ~UV lamp (if you choose to use) over side with heat mat.
          ~To clean use reptile scoop or paper towel. (geckos ‘go’ in the same spot, so its easy)

          SCHEDULE BELOW: Ages 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and over 12 months
          I usually aim for 8-10 bugs, but as long as they eat at least 5, im happy.
          Everyday feedings for 0-6 months, (calcium, 5 days a week, vitamins the other 2 days). Every other day for 6-12 months, (calcium every feeding except once a week vitamins) every 3-4 days for over 12 months, (calcium every feeding, vitamins twice a month). Though If you see weight loss at every 3-4 days for adults, add a day of feeding.

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          This is super complete and very helpful for newbies. Any thoughts on gutloads for food items for leos?

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          Thank you. I save all my fruits and veggie leftovers, i have a lot from my sugar gliders. Avoid tomatoes and onions. I mostly use Lettuce, celery (mostly for water), spinach, cabbage, collard greens, mustard greens, cucumber, strawberries, grapes, potatoes, blueberries, watermelon. Pretty much all things safe for my Veiled to eat. I sometimes add the gel water things, but only if im out of veggies that contain a lot of water.

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          Oh, i forgot to add. I also add my reptile powders to the insect’s food.

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          That sounds super practical!

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