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      my whites tree frog (abt 8 months old) is bloated with liquid… help?

      my whites has been bloated for a good while now. he has some other symptoms as well, such as lethargy, some pore-looking spots on the back of his head, lack of stool for a while, some red-ish bloatches on his back… however he has not refused food or stopped jumping around. i’ve taken him to two vets so far. the first had said he may be suffering from a bacterial infection or impaction and gave him antibiotics/laxative, and the second just said he was fine.
      the gradient of temps in his terrarium is a low of 65 and a high of 80, and the humidity is around 50%. his terrarium is not bioactive, and i try to keep it as clean as possible. i use bottled spring water, and i’ve been changing his water everyday. i’ve been giving his the laxative consistently with two crickets a day, once a week i dust it with a supplement of calcium and vitamin d3.
      i’m at a loss of what to do! i’m fearing it maty be kidney failure… someone please help 🙁

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      I’m sorry to hear of your issues. I’ll have to do some research before I can go ve any input, as I haven’t heard of water retention like this aside on a smaller level. There is a zoologist that would have usually helped you but I haven’t seen her on here, which is odd. Hopefully you get some help soon. Has it changed at all?

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