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      My Norberta

      I would like to introduce my beautiful Norbert, a friend of mine gave him to me about 2 years ago, we were told  that Norbert was a male.  I never ever considered a reptile as a pet and had plans to give him to my grandson, that did not happen because I kinda fell for this guy. I promised my grandson another one.  Who would have thought I would ever want a reptile as a pet, my whole family could not believe it, me at 62 years old and not having many pets when my children were young. About 8 months ago Norbert had to go to the veternarian to have a tumor removed, I was not sure if he would recover, I’m not sure but I think the antibiotics that I gave him after the surgery caused a stroke or something, he was walking wobbly. I decided to quit the  prescribed antibiotics & instead, give him some essential oils in his bath water . Oregano is a natural antibiotic. (very small diluted amount) within a week, Norbert was doing so much better then ever and for the first time in 2 years he started eating crickets. I was so happy as I had tried so many times to give him crickets.  Then he started acting different, started digging in his cage. I thought it was odd behavior especially for a 9 year old male. I was worried and wondered if bearded dragons would dig their own grave.  I took him outside to our garden and let him dig a hole but it took hours and he went down into the hole and laid there for hours, it was getting too cold out and his little face was covered in dirt and he seemed to be very tired and struggling so I pulled him out of the hole and put him in a warm bath, I couldn’t bare to allow him to continue digging, I did not want him to die. His body seemed stiff, I thought he must be constipated or something so I massaged his stomach and legs, poor thing & then SURPRISE!!!  Norbert was not a male, in fact he was Norberta a FEMALE  and SHE laid EGGS, of course they are not fertile, which is a bummer she had to go through all that struggle for nothing. I do have to thank my veternarian who removed the tumor, I now know he must have been in misery.  There were no promisses on his recovery as the vet said he may have cancer. I didn’t spend the extra money to biopsy it but I did take good care after the surgery and continue to give her love & special care. She is now better than ever, she is walking better and she is eating better. I love to watch her eat crickets, previously, her tongue didn’t seem to be coordinated enough to grab food, she never ate much at all except of course super worms, which the vet told me she will eat when she is hungry and to quit giving her worms if she wouldn’t eat her greens. I felt sorry for her because she would not eat salad. She is now eating her salad every day, crickets every other day, super worms once in a while, and happy to say she is learning to open her mouth wide enough to eat from my hand, special treets like raspberries. Norberta understands everything I say and she will not and has never gone to the bathroom in her house. I take her outside everyday or put her in a tub of warm water to go there. Better than going in her cage. Bearded Dragons are GREAT pets. I highly recommend them as pets.

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