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      My new friend.

      This is my new friend Hampton. I have had reptiles before but this is my first crested gecko. I’m probably just being paranoid but I have a question. this is day two I’m using proper day and night cycles I have food out I have water out he has a fountain I use IR cameras and monitor him and I have yet to see him eat. I have found no poop. He seems healthy and strong he wanders around on the vines around the top of the aquarium at night just kind of looking around real slow and then he sat and looked at the fountain for about 6 hours.

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      You are being needlessly anxious. Give him a week of no disturbance whatsoever, other than changing the water, and he should be right as rain and ready to eat and poop. We naturally want to provide for new pets immediately as a way of showing love, but relocating reptiles is really stressful for 90% of reptile species and they need time to adjust and decompress from the transfer experience.

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