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      Sandy Pebbles
      Miss Pebbles ❤️ crickets!!

      Miss. Pebble’s loves her crickets and to be so small she eats like a grown up! She is a happy girl and a serious love bug, but keeping her fed is a real challenge. Thank God for Critter Depot because they have made it much more affordable and since deliveries are so quick I am now able to really feed her properly and that makes  Sandy Pebbles one fat and happy dragon!! Please help us keep her fat and happy by voting for her to win a years supply of yummy, yummy crickets!!

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      Miss Pebbles is indeed a looker!  I love the pose.  She has some tough competition this month because lots of proud dragon moms and dads are posting pictures.  These guys sure are photogenic.  How long have you had her?

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      Looks like she has a nice big enclosure with a great view as well.

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