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      Miracle, Magic & Mystery

      Where do I begin?!

      I’m a reptile lover and owner of several critters.

      THE PLOT:
      My almost 7-year old virgin female crested gecko, Rango, has miraculously laid two batches of fertile eggs.

      It was the day after Christmas, the 26th of December 2021. I was prepping and cleaning out the coco bedding of my enclosures, and while working my way through lifting out the old bedding, out pops a live hatchling, with some shed stuck on his tiny feet. I found its egg & two other fat pearly whites that seem to be of the same clutch considering their size. It was indeed a Christmas miracle.

      My female crestie Rango, has been on her own since I’ve had her.
      I got her as a birthday gift in March 2015, as a 3-month old baby crestie. She has been in her own Terrarium (1m wide x 65cm high x 60cm wide) ever since, and has had no contact with a male.
      She always lays beautiful pearly whites, but they have been duds, every time, until now.

      Two batches have been laid, with 2 fertile eggs in each clutch:
      1 egg x was mummified and moldy when I discovered it in Rango’s coco bedding.
      2 eggs (Magic & Mystery) x are incubated and still developing, I have candled them and there are for sure babies on their way. We can only wait, to see if they hatch.
      1 hatchling (Miracle) x is a live baby with similar colours as Rango, but a white patterned tail, white lipstick and lighter toes, but this could change as it gets older.

      Rango could have gone into ‘survival mode’ for some reason and decided that she does not need a man in her life to make offspring, so she did it herself, even though a secret boyfriend sneaking around sounds more believable, however this is not the case.

      I thought I’d document and share this, as I have not read or found information regarding this topic particularly highlighting Crested Geckos, in books or forums. If I could, I’d add more photos to show more context.

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      OMG, that’s fascinating! It is certainly not unheard of though. Here is a great Youtube link that explains it well.

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        Thank you so much for sharing, I had no idea it was possible until now.
        A close-up of the baby, just for interest.

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          Serious cuteness and a virgin birth! Tis the season.

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