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      Meet Skoppy

      He is 2 months old, and I just recently got him he is a baby and he is growing well but recently I’ve noticed that crickets are a a bit expensive and I’m really not even sure now if crickets are a good source of food but I’m trying to breed them because I don’t think that I can keep buying more crickets so I really just don’t want to give out skoppy i love him he is my best friend and I would like to be able to keep him and let him be healthy so if I would win this contest it would be a blessing. So please I wish I win best of luck to all

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      Skoppy is going to need a bunch of crickets for several more weeks yet. But after that, he will need more veggies. See the article on feeding crickets on the Critter Depot site. It breaks down the amount needed month by month. That will help you plan and budget for his needs.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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