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      Melissa Cyrus
      Martin the Gecko

      Hello! My name is Melissa Cyrus this is Martin the gecko. I live in Richmond, VA and a couple of months ago we found Martin in our kitchen! Martin is a Mediterranean house gecko he does not belong here!

      When we found Martin he was injured and missing toes on his front left foot, at just one quarter of an inch long and not more than a few days old we took him in.

      Martin is so tiny that the only food that we could find small enough for him were flightless fruit flies.

      I am happy to say that Martin is growing he is a bit over an inch long now including his tail. He is just big enough for tiny crickets! We ordered some today and we are super excited to add to his diet!

      We will send updated photos of Martin enjoying his first big boy (or girl) meal. ❤️💕♥️

      There has only ever been one other Gecko like Martin found in our area. And it’s only in our neighborhood! Apparently several years ago there was a small pet store down the street, and two Mediterranean house gecko‘s must have escaped. We have very harsh winters, so not many can make it through the winter. Martin is adorable, and we are so glad we found him!

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      I cannot believe that Martin was able to make his way to you, because your winter’s there are indeed tough on tropical or Mediterranean critters. And people think reptiles are dumb! Sheeeeesh. I had a friend who lost her green iguana in St. George Utah, where the winters are even a bit worse, and years later people would say to her, ‘Hey, I saw your iguana the other day. He was perched in my friend’s Christmas cactus’ or other such sightings. Anyway, it looks like Martin is lucky to have found you, as it sounds as though he went through the ringer before being rescued. How old do you guess he might be?

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        Melissa Cyrus

        I have no idea! Not more than a couple weeks I would assume. He was so tiny!

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        Melissa Cyrus

        I’m happy to report that Martin is loving his crickets!

        Question: Are crickets enough nutrition? Should I be supplementing with flightless fruit flies still?

        Thank you!

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