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      Madagascar Hissing Roaches – Nutritional Value

      Howdy, Fam!

      Your beautiful pets love a diverse diet of buggies.  And madagascar hissing roaches could be an optimal option, especially if you’re caring for a larger reptile.

      Here’s a nutritional breakdown if you want to offer them on the menu:

      • protein: 64%
      • fat: 20%
      • calcium: 2.5 g/kg
      • phosphorus: 9.3 g/kg

      If you recall from our other nutrition guides, you’ll remember that the typical carnivorous reptile requires high protein (30-60%), high fat (40-70%), and a 2:1 calcium to phosophorus ratio.  Madagascar hissing roaches have a large amount of protein, but they are short on the fat content.  This means they are a very lean source of protein.  But it also means they won’t fulfill all of your pets nutritional needs.  Superworms and BSFL offer the ideal amount of fat and protein.  So it should be noted that either of these feeders will be a good supplemental snack to go along with the hissers.

      Hisser roaches also have a poor calcium to phosophorus ratio.  This means your pet won’t get the proper amount of calcium.  Hissers will definitely need to be dusted with calcium powder prior to being offered.  Or, you can include BSFL as a supplemental food source, because they are the only feeder insect to offer the ideal amount of calcium.

      Happy herping!

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      Say if someone were to win the “Cricket Contest” would the code you receive apply to the Madagascar Hissing Roaches?

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