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      Leopard Gecko Care Guide

      Leopard Geckos are beautiful animals, and one of the most popular reptile pets.  They’re easy to care for, compared to other herp pets.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t need specific TLC.  Here’s our article on how to care for Leopard Geckos where you’ll critical information to ensure your Leo’s health and happiness:

      • Leopard gecko habitat set up
      • leopard gecko diet and feeding schedule
      • habitat sanitation

      It’s important to have good and thorough information.  Comment below on some of your care tips to help the community.



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      I have recently taken my brothers Leo under my wing and I dont think he took very good care of him. I want to make sure he is taken care of. I have moved him out of my brothers room and into the living room so I can keep an eye on him because I dont go into my brothers room. I dont think he has been feeding him regularly or keeping his water dish full. I gave hims some water and he drank for a full 5 minutes. I knew he want being taken care of and I want to keep him healthy. I know nothing about Leo’s so any information would be greatly appreciated.

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        Greetings Kamiee,

        Start by reading the Leopard Gecko guide posted on this website.

        It does sound like maybe your new pet was dehydrated. Keep providing him with fresh water daily. Check out his tail, after you read the care guide. The tail should be slightly smaller than the body width. If it is very thin, that is an indication of malnourishment. Begin feeding him as many crickets and dubia roaches or silk worms that he will eat. Avoid mealworms. Don’t handle him much until you are sure he is in perfect health. It’s very good of you to take over his care!

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      Hi, I’m looking for some help I hope I’m ok commenting here I’m new to this forum. I am picking up my baby gecko on the 17th and I can’t wait to get him home but I’m having some issues with the temps in his terrarium. I am using a heat mat with a thermostat for the hot side and that is fine but the cool side is only getting to 19 degrees 😩 I live in a old house which is fairly cold and I’m not sure what to do with the cool side. Do I add a heat lamp with thermostat to bring it up a little or will the little one be ok with the gradient from the heat mat? I also have a uvb light on the way to make sure he’s getting sufficient uvb but I’ve been looking everywhere for information on the temps and don’t want him to be cold. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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        19 is too cold, especially for a baby. Yes, do add an additional source of heat to the cool side to bring it up to about 25. Remember, these guys are indigenous to some parts of the planet with incredibly hot temperatures. I’m assuming you are in Canada. If that is the case you will need to consider a ceramic heat emitter for night time, also on a thermostat. If the temperature drops below 25 throughout the entire enclosure at night, his metabolism may begin to suffer. As an adult, he may go into brumation. Invest in a digital thermometer if you haven’t already, it will save you a great deal of aggravation if you live in a cold house. Also, be sure and have backup bulbs on hand. Although many of the good ceramic bulbs out there are super affordable and last 6 months or longer, they can go out unexpectedly. In a cold house you will need to be able to replace it immediately without a trip to the pet store or waiting to receive it online.

        Where are you getting your baby boy from?

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