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      My pacman frog has burrowed herself for about a week, I think she’s been eating because the terrarium started out with 5 crickets and now there is only one left. I’m just worried because I can’t find her. I know the humidity level is fine and her temperature in the terrarium is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. She’s probably about a month old, and it’s so hard to find her in the eco-earth.

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      It’s too soon to worry yet. There is a possibility that she is hiding from crickets. Crickets left in a tank will chew on any other animals in there. Be sure to remove that last cricket and do not put any more in until she emerges. She will need to hydrate in her water bowl at some point, which means you are really going to have to excavate her and place her in her water if she doesn’t come out after 4-5 more days. Feed only as many very small crickets as she will eat in 12 hours, remove all others and see if that helps the situation. This species is known for worrying their owners with their hiding behavior, and she may do this repeatedly as she matures, but at her young age you may need to intervene in a few days if she doesn’t emerge.

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