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      It’s well documented how nutritional dubia roaches are for your bearded dragons and leopard geckos.  But even though they are packed with lean protein and calcium, every reptile owner should still gut-load their dubia roaches.  Gut-loading is the process of feeding your feeder insects nutritional foods.  Those nutritional foods sit in the stomach of your feeders, and pass the nutritional value onto your pet.

      But there are certain foods you should not use to gut-load your dubia roaches:

      • Citrus Fruits – citrus can cause indigestion for many reptiles.  And if that citrus is present inside the bellies of tasty insects, the reptiles can sick.
      • Meats & Dairy – meat and dairy have high levels of fat, which reptiles cannot properly digest.  And this can lead to liver problems.

      You can read our comprehensive guide on How to Gut-Load Dubia Roaches for valuable information.

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