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      How to care for Crickets in the Cold

      Even during the winter months, it’s important that we feed our bearded dragons and leopard geckos.  Shipping live crickets is challenging.  But an experienced vendor will know how to package so that they survive the transit.

      But what do you do after you receive the crickets?  There are many things cricket keepers need to know.  First, they need temps between 75-90 degrees.  So if it’s frosty outside, you’ll need to keep them inside.  You may hesitate at this thought due to cricket odor.  So use vermiculite for their bedding material.  This will help absorb any odor that may build up.

      Crickets will also do better with higher humidity.  This is challenging because higher humidity can yield stronger odors.  So again, use vermiculite for the bedding.  Humidity levels should be about 70%.

      And as usual, gut load your crickets.  You can use Critter Depot’s gut load.  Or you can gut load them yourself with fresh vegetables.  These fresh vegetables will also hydrate them.

      You can follow this guide on how to care for crickets in the winter months.

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