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      Hi everyone,
      The other day I bought two baby white tree frogs. I have been feeding them mealworms these past two days, but today to switch up their diet I fed them some crickets. (They were dipped in the calcium powder and all). My question here is im not sure how many crickets to put in the tank? I figured since they’re small i don’t wanna overfeed them so I put 4 in. I saw one ate two and I didn’t see the other one eat any at all yet. Is 4 enough for both of them? Or should I add more? Tried googling this but couldn’t really get a clear answer. Thank you!

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      While they are growing you cannot overfeed them. Keep observing their feeding habits and make sure that their food is not too large for either of them at this point. Mealworms will also need to be gut-loaded and dusted. Proper nutrition at this stage is more important than concerns about overfeeding.

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