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      isabella w
      Help boy or girl

      Breeder said they picked a girl out for me, but now I’m starting to believe my gecko Mira is a dude

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      The only way a breeder could have made sure you got a fmale is if they kept the egg at a specific temp. You can’t really tell wat they re until they get a few month old.

      I’m no pro, but this looks like a male to me. I see femoral pores an a slight bulge at the base of tail. Its quite rare for a female to have the pores. Bulges are a tiny bit small for me to say for sure but, If the bulge keeps getting bigger, I’d say male 100%. I hv a male and they’re plenty friendly and live longer than females, so I hope that make you feel a little better. I’m sure Zoo wi reply to this, she is a pro. Lol. 😆

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