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    Bryan Vyse

    Using a under tank zoo med heat pad, i have the probe on the pad as recommended by quite a few. Its on a thermostat at 95 but with temp gun, from inside tank, no substrate only reaches 80. Is this normal? Should a heat pad run at 100? Safe? Not real hot to the touch by any means. I was trying to get 88-90 for ball python

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    Greetings Bryan,

    Before I weigh in on this question, I would love to know a few more facts about the equipment. What is the size of the tank itself? What is the age of the pad and the temp gun? What is the ambient temperature of your home right now?

    I ask these things in order to eliminate the easiest of the variables that are relevant to the situation. Zoo Med UTH pads have been known to register temps as a little too cool, especially in a cold home, such as mine. But sometimes they are right-on, so let’s try to zero in on confounding elements in this situation.

    Let’s look at the most likely culprits first, and then go from there. 88 – 90 is a desirable temp, with less not harming the animal, but possibly resulting in brumation.

    Also, if your house is really warm, or there is a really warm spot, or the snake is comfortable hanging out inside the comfort of your clothes and next to your body for a while, then please relocate your friend for a little while and take the opportunity to remove the pad from underneath the tank and with the thermostat still set at 95, and in a place with no draught nor unusual supplemental heat, (like next to a forced-air vent or on floor or sidewall radiator), take the temp with the gun again, a couple of times. How does it read?

    With all of this data in hand, I think we can trouble shoot this situation nicely.

    Dr. Hall Ruddell, Moderator